Interspecies Studies

Collaberation for Education

Interspecies Online Learning coming soon

This site will soon be a platform for online learning through classes, interviews, discussions and more.

In the past, we have offered programs and classes in the following areas of study:

Environmental Education -for teachers and others wishing to learn how humans can work “with” nature and other animals.

Gaiasophy – a series of talks on understanding the earth and all life as living consciousness

Earth Wisdom – a nature retreat combining native earth cultures, spirituality and science

Interspecies Psychology and Communication -a professional training program and lecture series with emphasis in the following focus areas:

  • Psychologists and Therapists

  • Animal Control Officers, Humane and Shelter workers, Animal Handlers

  • ¬†Animal Trainers, Animal Massage Therapists, Groomers, and Healers

  • Human-Animal Interaction Specialists, Facilitators, Coaches, Communicators, Educators